Friday, August 20, 2010

Hello Coffee Lovers!

Here's my coffee blog. Why am I making this coffee blog? I guess besides posting info on what kind of new coffees I've been getting in, what kind of new blends I've been making and how the espresso has been pulling, I wanted some kind of informal place to post stuff about coffee. People have told me to polish up or remove some stuff from the website that's not typical for businesses, so I'm considering doing that kind of stuff here and simplifying the website. I shut down the cafe a while back, and I don't think I'm going to be starting a roastery any time soon (I should keep roasting just a few pounds a week for a handful of nice folks), so this aught to do the job for now, so my fellow hobbyists and coffee enthusiasts can stay connected. It's actually better because you guys can leave comments! And it's just easier to do.

Hopefully soon I will start adding all kinds of cool pictures and media. Please leave a comment and say hello!


p.s. If you want some coffee, email me at
and let me know what kind you want and we'll talk coffee.

for now, here's a bunch of pictures of random stuff that showed up in my cup this summer after I threw the espresso in.

This one looks like Saturn.

This one vaguely resembles some kind of bird.
Definitely a moose! Right?I thought this one looked like my old friend Brian.
Another bird.
Giraffe (head).
The Boogieman?
Another Penguin?
Some kind of tropical fish, like the one from the fishtank in Finding Nemo.
Vibrations from the fridge made rings or separation of coffee and milk.

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